Promesse du Bonheur

by Baba Vük

All songs on Promesse du Bonheur are owned exclusively by Baba Vük.

Tinkered around with and lovingly put together at the outhouse by Graham Duff.

Graham Duff:
Guitar/Vocals/Plink Plonks

David Ness:
Drums/Vocals/Lyrics/Mind’s Eye massages

Other accreditations

Sidereal is based on an original song by Phil Cordiner and David Ness.

The verse of Impulse is based on an original Song by Walter Keith, Martin Scutt and David Ness.

Eternity is based on an original tune by Walter Keith and David Ness.

Special thanks to

Irene, Findley-James, Isla, Lorraine, Edward and Eric for love, support and patience. Thanks also to Paul Allan and Elizabeth Yoder at Yoala Creative for their friendship and brilliance. We dedicate this album to all those we love and to those we have lost.

Album art by Paul E. Allan.