Album Review by Bruce McComiskie

Album Review by Bruce McComiskie

On hearing the new album, freshly minted, as we heard it first too - our critical friend Bruce McComiskie had this reaction to our début LP scheduled for release in March 2018.

Promesse Du Bonheur by Scottish duo Baba Vük is a big, bold beast, bristling with ideas and thus its dissection should pay attention to some of its individual organs. Universe On Trial is an extremely assured opener that kicks over the money lenders’ tables and sets up its own cosmic stall on the Temple’s dusty floor.

Frequency sounds like the shuddering comedown from delusional and dizzying promises, set to a twitchy post punk tempo. The horror of clarity indeed. Riding a loose, fluid groove, Sidereal traces a Alphaville-Moonage Daydreamer’s paean to an idealized creature, “The Queen of Dreamers”; the Ziggyfied soundtrack to an episode of Gaimenesque wonderment. 

Spellbound secular devotion follows with Emmanuelle, eulogizing the transportive joys of cinema. Veil presents a pocket of meditative calm, toying with Lynchian metaphors of separation and possession whilst Out Of Sight is a chattering, bleeping modernist battering ram of a tune. Impulse brings to mind Gnostic mid period Bowie; a bleary serotonin depleted dawn in the Tiergarten, still jangling with the aftershocks of the night before.

The Invention of the Soul describes a beautifully melancholic vision of a transhumanist future, where the all-too-human poetry soars over a bleak soundscape, populated by “Hybrid human animal beings” and “Celestial Courts”.  Jodorowsky at his more meditative and restrained springs to mind.

Devoted is a dystopian Weimar waltz through the debris of old faiths and new obsessions, replete with startling imagery, unpinned by a tune that picks its way through a charnel garden. Eternity closes off the feast with gentle Gamelan tones pulsing under Nietzschean entreatments whilst gazing over new, limitless vistas.

You’d be advised to partake and consume this whole then savour at your own leisure.